Do not mix the instruments in good condition with Instrument that are damaged.

Clean regularly the Instrument Containers, Instrument Trays/Boxes etc.

Higher temperature and time period may be affected to the quality of Instrument

In order to maintain the Instrument's properties it is essential to respect of cleaning and maintenance of the Instruments.  




Instrument Set-up

Service maintenance

Hardware repair

Instrument repair

Instruservices provides medical equipment repair services with the quality as per the makes and models of medical equipment, operative and surgical instruments.

Instruservices offers solutions to operate effectively in a competitive field. We offer quality medical supplies & surgical supplies items to help you provide excellent patient care.

The right equipment can bring significant benefits to your practice. You'll increase the number of treatment options you can offer your patients.

Our equipment specialists can provide the advice, guidance and preventive maintenance, customer support, and low-cost financing options to make sure your practice stays up and running.

With expertise in mechanical, electrical, materials, optical, and applied engineering, Instruservices team designs each repair task to ensure proper functionality of your device or instrument.Type your paragraph here.

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